Our Complete Wellness Team

Our patients get more at Complete Wellness because of our dedicated team.

About Our Team

The team at complete wellness works so well together because we all bring different talents to the office. We understand that every patient is different, so we draw on strengths from each doctor to deliver better care for each individual.

Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike Borgert has always had a focus on health and wellness. He played college basketball while studying biology and chemistry. Pre-med studies and hospital rounds were an eye-opener for Dr. Mike. One visit to a chiropractic clinic was all it took to steer his lifelong passion to chiropractic. Dr. Mike was
chosen to be on a team of Chiropractors who travelled to the 2012 Olympics taking care of U.S.A. weightlifting, wrestling and judo athletes. Dr. Mike has developed a wide variety of protocols and techniques to help individuals and families get and stay extremely healthy. He has an absolute passion to educate his community on the keys to a healthy, drug-free life.

Dr. Sogoal

Dr. Sogoal Feizi credits Chiropractic care with changing her path in life. Before becoming a patient in a corrective care office, she was a medical student suffering from debilitating migraines, anxiety and frequent colds and flu. After going to countless doctors to get help with zero results her father sent her
to a chiropractor as a last resort. After an examination and spinal x-rays, she was finally able to get the proper diagnosis and treatment needed to get back to proper health and function. After being a patient for a few short weeks she was able to come off all of her medications and had drastic relief with her migraines. She decided to leave medical school and transfer to Life University in Georgia to become a chiropractor or as she called it “a doctor with answers” so others don’t have to suffer the way that she did. Since graduating she has practiced in North Carolina and Colorado and enjoys getting entire families healthy from kids to grandparents. She has certifications in spinal correction, pregnancy and pediatric care and wants to make chiropractic the first choice for families when it comes to health and wellness and not the last resort like it was for her. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling the world, hiking and cooking healthy meals.

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