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Everyone faces different health challenges and wants to achieve unique wellness goals. We help you take control of your health — it all starts with the 5 Essentials. From everyday challenges to creating new strategies for peak athletic performance, MaxLiving is producing real results every single day.

Chris B.

After his wife had a positive experience in our office, Chris decided that he would give chiropractic a try. He came in searching for relief of pain and tingling post-surgery but his results went far beyond that. After a few adjustments, the pain and tingling were gone! At the time he was suffering from symptoms of depression as well but reports more stable emotions since starting treatment. While under care, Chris noticed that his strength gains have improved at the gym and he is able to exercise more frequently. He now brings his kids to get adjustments as well and Chris remarks “We all stay healthier. When we do get sick we’re able to fight it a lot quicker!”


Eden R.

Eden has been a patient for almost 2 years now. She tried another chiropractor but still had to resort to pain killers for pain in her neck, back, hips and knees which stopped her from being able to walk for an extended period. She also notes that she was having terrible mood swings around the same time and felt that her emotions were unbalanced. Now she rarely has to use medication to manage her pain because she has felt such an improvement since starting care! When asked about her results, Eden says “My mood is completely balanced and I feel healthy and normal!” We are so happy that Eden chose to see us so we could help with all of her symptoms.



Melinda woke up the day before a business trip with terrible neck pain and could barely move. She had never been to a chiropractor before and didn’t even realize that they could help with more than just back pain but a coworker heavily recommended Dr. Mike. Melinda remembers well the immediate relief she felt when she received her first adjustment. Since then, she has been a regular patient in our office. She had one low back flare-up that was quickly alleviated but her results are not limited to pain relief. Melinda reported that she used to get severe colds and seasonal allergies. Now, her immune system is stronger and she is able to get through illnesses and allergy season much easier. After 7 years of care, Melinda keeps coming back so she continues to feel her best!